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Total elevation gain (accumulative going up hill): 6,836 feet
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BR10-300k :     to CP2     to CP5     Control 5     to CP 6     back    Accum. elevation gain: 6,836 feet
2010-02-20 23:27:01 Shai Shprung from LA (san fernando valley), CA:
I end up with 190.6 miles and 7020ft. The first 80 miles was too hard for a fixed gear (48x18) with the 5800ft that include few 11% (and 12% short parts), but the endless (aka 100 miles) recovery on a fairly flat road, good weather, and a nice company made the ride an easy one. Or how I used to call rano rides (before the 600...), a peace of cake.
Temp was perfect - 48 to 60 and most of the day in the mid 50th. We had to fight some light wind in few places, but overall we got more tail wind which made the 70miles down the coast a pleasant ride.
While we all thought that we will get rain in the AM, we got lucky and it was dry all day long.
I rode the first 120miles alone and then agreed with N.Honda to wait and slow down and ride with a group. It make the ride much more fun because I had someone to talk to, and the fact that I was the fastest in the group help my ego and I had to slow down so it end up easier on the legs too.
Overall I am pleased and happy with this 300k on the fixed gear. Shai
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Tagged (02/20/10): Eric Anderson, Greg Jones, Nicole Honda, Ron Smith Jr, Shai Shprung

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